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September 2016
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Cuban State Media Monopoly Denounces Internet Freedom Conference

Cuban State Media Monopoly Denounces Internet Freedom Conference /
Hablemos Press, Eduardo Herrera

Hablemos Press, Eduardo Herrera, Havana, 30 August 2015 — During a
recent broadcast of Televisión Cubana’s national news program, the
government denounced the first ever Cuba Internet Freedom Conference,
scheduled for 12-13 September in the city of Miami, which members of
Cuban civil society will attend to participate in the debate.

The argument utilized for the occasion is that, with the interest in
establishing the World Wide Web on the Island, the US is endeavoring to
topple the revolutionary government.

Of the millions of people interested in Cubans being able to fully enjoy
the Internet in our country, the most interested are we ourselves, who
for more than 50 years have been in the dark with regard to world

During his visit to the Island, among the points that Barack Obama
emphasized pertained to US assistance in communications, and
facilitating the use of the Internet—which is currently still immensely
restricted by the authorities.

The Cuban government’s installation of fee-based WiFi service in many
areas of the country does not yet meet the needs of the citizenry.

The hourly charges for the service are 2 CUCs, equivalent to more than
two dollars. In a country where the average citizen’s salary is less
than one dollar per day, this is a high price for a service that is
inexpensive for many people around the world, and in some cases is even

One must also consider that access depends on a server, one which allows
the transmission of convenient information as well inconvenient
information, as well as the connection’s low speed.

It was said that, some day, home service would be implemented, but this
promise has yet to be met—all developments take place at an exceedingly
slow pace. The State seeks to maintain its monopoly on information at
all costs, violating even the people’s right to be informed.

Translated by: Alicia Barraqué Ellison

Source: Cuban State Media Monopoly Denounces Internet Freedom Conference
/ Hablemos Press, Eduardo Herrera – Translating Cuba –

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