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November 2016
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Dagoberto Valdes Recounts His Conversation With Cuban State Security

Dagoberto Valdes Recounts His Conversation With Cuban State Security /
14ymedio, Dagoberto Valdes

14ymedio, Dagoberto Valdes, 25 November 2016 — At the stroke of noon
today, 25 November 2016, two officials from State Security came to my
house, Major Joaquin, who participated in my interrogation on 27
October, and another official.

Major Joaquin said that they came to inform me that I would not be
permitted to hold the meeting planned by the Center for Coexistence
Studies for this weekend, the 26th and 27th of November, because this is
considered a provocative activity, because those invited are
“ringleaders of the counterrevolution” because of doing so barely hours
from the 60th anniversary of the landing of the [yacht] Granma [that
brought Fidel and Raul Castro and other revolutionaries from Mexico].

I asked them what they meant by a provocative activity and being
“counterrevolutionary ringleaders,” because Coexistence is a project of
study and thinking for the good of Cuba, and does not engage in
provocations nor consider people to be “ringleaders.” These meetings are
to think about solutions and proposals for the progress of our Nation
and, in this specific meeting, it is to study the theme “Culture and
Education in the future of Cuba.” He responded that it was an order from
the high command of the Country and they would follow what is
established, when and how they considered appropriate.

I asked if they were closing Coexistence, they told me no, but they
would evaluate each activity we organized and would act as appropriate.
I stated that I considered they were already carrying out the threat
received at the interrogation summons from less than a month ago and
which they assured me that “starting from today your life is going to be
very difficult.”

Thus, continues the harassment of the Coexistence Studies Center that
the Cuban authorities began as of 1 September 2016.

Dagoberto Valdes Hernandez

Director, Center for Coexistence Studies

Source: Dagoberto Valdes Recounts His Conversation With Cuban State
Security / 14ymedio, Dagoberto Valdes – Translating Cuba –

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