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January 2017
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Now It Is Colombia’s Turn To Help Us Win Democracy

Now It Is Colombia’s Turn To Help Us Win Democracy / 14ymedio, Sergio Segura

14ymedio, Sergio Segura, 2 January 2017 – Cuba is no longer subordinate
to the dictates of the man who imposed his will for more than half a
century. The time has come to talk to the people, to recognize and give
public voice to those who manifest different opinions.

The departure of an autocrat by natural death has very positive
precedents in history. Changes occur peacefully, through dialogue and
consensus. The most beautiful of these transformations occurred in Spain
after the death of Franco. The case of Pinochet in Chile could also
light the path of those who remain at the head of the Cuban Government
at this time. The end of Ceausescu and his family, for refusing to hand
over power to a people tired of his dictatorship, was pitiful.

It is not violence that Cubans on the island want, as they aspire to
maintain several social achievements created by the Revolution in a new
Republic, where the dream of José Martí – whom we Cubans of all stripes
call our Apostle – is realized: With all and for the good of all.

It would do no harm to advise the opposition groups – which are many –
to send a request to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos asking that,
in reciprocity for the attitude of the Cuban Government as a mediator
for his country to achieve a final peace, he brings to a table of dialog
in Colombia, in a respectful and impartial manner, negotiators from the
Cuban regime and the country’s internal dissidence to reach a
constructive agreement for the election of who will be, on 24 February
2018, the next president of our Republic.

Source: Now It Is Colombia’s Turn To Help Us Win Democracy / 14ymedio,
Sergio Segura – Translating Cuba –

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